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Our primary mission is to help you grow and interact more effectively with your own community, be they community residents or customers. We have created a suite of tools that allows us to craft a powerful, dynamic website for you at a fraction of the cost it would take to have the site custom coded from the ground up. If you are creating a community web site, then we will help you find the right resources to create the best possible web presence for your own corner of the world.

Custom Design
Magic Lantern can design a custom community communication solution for you. We will help you select the right tools to create your portal. We will build the core site, creating the needed styles and artwork for your application. Magic Lantern will then train your staff to use our advanced Content Management System. This will allow you to have a powerful site that fits your needs precisely, all without a large front-end cost or expensive maintenance agreement.
Content Management System
Our Content Management System allows you to control content of your site. There is no need for a specialist to maintain and update your site when you can do it from your office, just using your web browser.
The process is simple. When you purchase a site based on a selection of our Tools, you will have access to the Core and Administrator sites. The Core site is public, which allows the intended audience to view your goods and/or services. The Administrator site is private, only you will have access. Located within this site is our Content Management System. These Tools allow you to add, edit, and delete all content within the Core site. You will have the power to customize and update your site at will.
Three Phase Consultation
If you have an existing site, Magic Lantern can provide a three-phase consultation service. Phase one includes a “blind review” of your site. Our design team will examine different aspects of your site, some of which include performance, visual appearance, and web usability. Phase two consists of crafting an in-depth recommendation report to help you maximize your site, your community and your limited resources. Phase three is entirely implementation. Magic Lantern has been using this three-step program, in conjunction with the Illinois Institute of Rural Affairs, to help many small communities in rural Illinois enhance their web presence.
Areas of Expertise
- Community Information - Government Communication
- Economic Development - Chamber of Commerce
- General Marketing - Tourism Marketing
- Historical Presentation - Community and Event Calendars
Content Management Tools
Our suite of community management tools is always growing. Currently, our complete Tool suite consists of the following elements:
- Business Database >>
Manage all businesses in your community or county. Can be used to filter between Chamber members. Can be used as a basis to build dynamic single-page web sites for businesses. Can sort by location, memberships, business types, etc.
- Building Database >>
If you wish to track specific buildings, either for real estate needs or for historical reasons, this system will allow you to do so, from original occupants to the building architect to historical or current images.
- News System >>
For Community News, “From the Mayor” editorials or any type of news you want to get out there, this simple news management system features headline, teaser, full story, contact information and image management. Has an automatic archive ststem.
- Agenda/Minutes System >>
You can use this system to post public agendas for meetings as well as minutes to past meeting. Includes an automatic archive system. Posting minutes is as simple as cut, past and submit.
- Office/Directory System >>
This system will allow you to manage all the information you need to deliver about specific offices and those who work there, from the city administration to the zoning office.
- Community Calendar >>
Used to present a dynamic community calendar for your users. It can be only “official” business or color-coded to allow local organizations or sports teams to enter their own information.
- Event System >>
Used to manage recurring events that warrant detailed description, such as a Fall Festival or Independence Day festivities.
- Parks/Points of Interest System >>
Used to manage information, from services to facilities, about parks, museums, golf courses and other points of interest.
- Community Management System >>
Used for county websites that wish to provide data for multiple communities, this allows for a custom “subweb” to be built for each community on the fly.
- Simple Reservation System >>
Used for a site interested in tourism—provides a simple email-based system for users to place reservations on line for your regional inns and attractions.
- FAQ System >>
Use this system to create and maintain one or more Frequently Asked Question pages, whether it be a “New Resident FAQ” to something like “County Clerk FAQ”.
- Link Management System >>
Use this system to add and manage a library of categorized web links, from a library of business resources to a list of personal resident homepages.
- Banner Ad System >>
This system will help you implement and manage a banner ad program for your site, whether is just for information or if you wish to use it as a source of revenue generation. The system will allow you to enter clients, manage ads, upload content, set hot links and schedules for display and cycling of adds.
Informational Presentations
We want to share as much information with you as possible to help inspire you to create the best web presence you can. If you want to learn more about the importance of a strong community web presence or simply jump start your thinking with new ideas, check out our PowerPoint presentations on community web development.

To view our current list of presentations, click here.

Content Management Demonstration
At Magic Lantern, we feel the best way to understand the power of our Content Management System is to experience it first hand. We have built a demo version of both the Core site and the Administrator site. Feel free to participate and experience the future of websites, today!
- visit our demo Core Site.
- visit our demo Administrator Site.
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If you are interested in our services, you may either Contact Us or complete our Free Website Proposal.

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