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Our primary areas of focus are on communality and commercial web sites. In both areas, we work to create dynamic sites that can be easily maintained and updated by our clients.

Community Sites
Our work on community sites stems from a desire to empower smaller communities with the dynamic on-line capabilities of larger communities for an affordable cost. Working in partnership with the Illinois Institute of Rural Affairs, Magic Lantern has developed a suite of community web tools that allow a community to pick and choose from a “menu” of options to create a unique site for their specific needs.
Magic Lantern has experience in working with communities, county governments, economic development entities, community marketing efforts and tourism development initiatives.
Commercial Sites
Our commercial sites are primarily custom development work. We work with each business client to determine the goals of the site (from purely informational to on-line catalogs and eCommerce) and then carefully craft a web presence to match those goals.
The following portfolio focuses on some of our recent work. For more examples please Contact Us directly.
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