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Our primary areas of focus are on communality and commercial web sites. In both areas, we work to create dynamic sites that can be easily maintained and updated by our clients.
Going Solo
This site is the web-based version of the successful Going Solo business training game created by the University of Illinois Extension program.  
Homework Central
Magic Lantern is currently in the early stages of developing a centralized location for teachers, students, and parents to view homework assignments. The site is currently in beta testing thanks to a local school district.  
Learning To Be Lean
Magic Lantern is in the early development stages for Learning To Be Lean. This project is geared to track the daily living habits of individuals under the care of assisted living.  
Mellinger Foundation
This is the web presence of the E.A. Mellinger Foundation, an educational foundation that provides educational loans and grants to graduate and undergraduate students in Western Illinois.

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