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Magic Lantern can work with your existing web host as we craft a new site for you. You can also choose to host your site and register your domain names with us directly. Our goal is to empower you to select the best options for your own needs.

Domain Names
Your Domain Name (also known as a URL) is your address on the web. If you own an existing domain name,we can walk you through the steps to "point" that name to the site we create for you. We can also register a new domain name for you (our fee is $15/year) , and we'll work with you to help find the best name possible. If you are a municipal or government entity, we can help you navigate the process of securing a *.us or *.gov domain name. Just ask - we're here to help.
Web Hosting
We can create a web-hosting package that will serve your needs, without ever giving you more than you need.
On the low end, we offer a basic package that includes php and mySQL, 10 email accounts and 50MB of space for $10.00/month.
At the high end, we can provide you with over 500MB of space, multiple databases, tons of email accounts and even multiple domains all for around $50/month.
Contact Us and let us put together a hosting plan thatís right for you.

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