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Our FAQ database is a collection of common questions from our clients and technical how to's. This is the best "first stop" to see if your problem has already been solved. If not, then let us know and we'll work to fix whatever issue you may have.

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If your question is not answered, you may contact us through our Help Desk.
1) How do I get this great service from Magic Lantern? >>
You may simply Contact Us or fill out our Free Website Proposal
2) I just registered a new domain with you, but I can’t access the site when I type it into my browser. >>
Once you have a domain set up, it first needs to point to your web space (we can do that for you). Once the DNS entry is changed, it takes about 48 hours for that to register with servers across the Internet.
3) I’ve transferred my domain over to a new space with you, but I still can’t access the site. >>
Once the DNS entry is changed, it takes about 48 hours for that to register with servers across the Internet.
4) When I try to upload an image from an admin form, it doesn’t work. >>
Your file is probably too large. Generally, you want your image files to be in the jpeg format and no wider than 350 pixels wide. That should make the file small enough to easily upload (and quick to download on a viewer’s computer).
5) My page layout looks different on different browsers. >>
Each browser has a unique “spin” on how it interprets html. We try our best to engineer our pages so that they are consistent across the most popular browsers. If you see something strange, please let us know and we’ll work to fix it.
6) I like the information showed on your core site, but what if I want to add some additional data? >>
That can be very easily done—we’ll work with you to make sure your databases are set up to provide the information you wish to present.
7) I was working to add content to my site via my admin pages, but when I tried to access a page, I was sent to the password screen. >>
Our admin sites will “time out” after about 15 minutes, for security reasons. Simply log in again and you’ll be fine.

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